A day in the ancient village of Tho Ha

The main ingredient that makes the specialty of Tho Ha rice paper and spring rolls is rice flour. Rice for making Banh Da is pure plain rice, which is manually milled with a stone mortar to create a moderate consistency, suitable for making rice paper. After having a satisfactory dough, the worker will move on to the process of coating the cake.

This is one of the important stages, deciding the success or failure of the specialty of Tho Ha spring rolls, because the cake must be cooked to medium, evenly spread and ensure a certain thickness. Therefore, forcing workers to be really meticulous, skillful and delicate while working. Besides cake flour, which must be a specialized type of rice, the way the worker is coated, the weather factor also greatly affects the success of a batch of cakes.

In order to produce delicious and quality rice paper batches, every day Tho Ha people have to get up from 3-4 am to prepare ingredients and carry out the steps to make and dry the cakes in time.

The sun drying stage is probably the most impressive image to anyone who has ever been to Tho Ha. On beautiful sunny days, going through the village streets, alleys, visitors will see images of cake pans arranged in long rows on both sides of the house walls, fences, etc., becoming endless inspiration for artistic creation.

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